10 weeks down

Actually I think we have finished 11 weeks since the start of school. It has let up a little bit but is still is a lot of work. Hopefully the worst is behind me. Now let's keep our fingers crossed that Paula gets a job this month. Money is getting tight again but we should make it to Christmas OK.

Time to Change My Graphic

Good luck to my Ohio friends the Pickerington Central Marching Tigers. I know you have had a great season this year and will do great at the state marching band contest today. I know your football team will have you marching well into December.

I hope the Who are the Brave arrangement works well for the All-City band next week.

Another Week Down

Although I was off on Monday, this ended up being a very long week with two days being about 13+ hours at school. I think I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and will be able to start doing something different at work.

The good thing is I feel much more comfortable with my job. I don't think it is over my skill set right now.

Back from KY

I had a great time in Ky visiting family, two old friends and going to Ironman Louisville. It is hard to describe the atmosphere at the event. The faces on the people finishing haven't just finished a 12+ hour race. They have finished a 30+ week training regime of training the would cripple even seasoned athletes. I'm so very proud of my friends that completed this week's race.

A Long Week

Well it was a hard week but I think I am getting near the end of the frenzy. Most of my labs are setup and now I can make them all look better by hiding wires. Luckily my fellow teachers have been very patient and supportive with my work so far.

I am enjoying having a couple of days off! I'll be up in KY through Monday for Ironman Louisville. It will be fun watching my friends going through this event. The look of someone when they complete the race is priceless.

Calm Before the Storm

As we wind down this week, it still seems like I have a lot to do. I believe the school is pretty close to being ready but things keep coming up. Hopefully we will have a smooth start next week.

I'm a little disappointed about not racing this weekend. I don't know any way that I could have trained this last month but it is still it is very disappointing. I'm hoping to get some new wheels for my bike soon so I can begin riding again.

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