2012 Show Music for Northview HS

Here are the parts for the 2012 Northview Marching Band.

Sir Duke


Higher Ground

Screencast Post

1st screencast.mp4 Watch on Posterous

Here is a test of Screencast-O-Matic's free screen capture.

Funny, they didn't say bug BHaynes!


Review of Tony Vincent's Dead Simple Blogs and Podcasts Using Posterous

After a very disappointing year of clinics last year, I wasn't sure what to expect for me first clinic this year. Since I plan on starting a regular Podcast about Technology in the Schools, I thought this might be a useful clinic and I might get a couple of tips or good ideas to make that easier. I got a ton of great ideas!

First of all, he introduced the audience to Posterous. On first glance, it looks like just another free blog site and maybe not even as good as Blogger or Wordpress. Since I have used Posterous for about a year, I knew that it was much more powerful but I had no idea how powerful. There two big advantages for Posterous. First is the ability to submit posts by simply sending an email to an address so many people can contribute and also that it will post to other sites like Twitter and Facebook. If you are trying to target a wider audience, this is definitely a plus. Second is the ease at which you can incorporate other media into your posts. Simply attach a picture, video, pdf, or sound file from your phone, iPad, computer, etc. and Posterous formats it and creates a player for it in the post. As he states, "Blogging and podcasting should not be about the act of putting something online; it should be about Communication." This makes it about as simple as it can get. If publishing is as easy as sending an email, anyone can do that.

Tony Vincent Dead Simple Blogs and Podcasts Handout

Posterous.pdf Download this file

This handout will help you with the setup and the modifications you need to make to get up and going.

First test

Voice 001.3ga Listen on Posterous

Hope this worked out well.

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